Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Laundry I know some love it but for me it has always been something I have to do and it always seems to bite me when I'm not expecting. I love to clean often I over clean but laundry not so much, although if I could look this good doing laundry I might re think it.... 

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day it seemed to pour on me like crazy. As I was leaving my house this morning I some how managed to miss the large bright blue Recycle trash can that was directly behind my car and I slammed it breaking the reverse camera and the in tire piece around my license plate.... yikes....apparently those Recycle trash cans don't mess around and as for the reverse camera it apparently did me no good anyway. I continued on my way and had awesome lunch at the country club with my hubby and little guy. I came home to put the little guy down for his second nap. I Love the afternoon naps I always can get so much done in such a short time. I went down stairs to do laundry jumped up to grab something on top of my dryer and POP snap snap right down on my ankle. Went to the Doc and I can't believe it I tore two ligaments AGAIN....yes the first I did I was doing laundry as well a few years back!!!  As for the laundry ladies it really is hard work!.... Five ligaments later I'm realizing Guys have no idea how ruff it really can be and laundry shouldn't be taken lightly....Sigh

Woman on fainting brown blue exhaustion vintage glam_Amy Neunsinger

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