Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sundance Film "Sing Your Song"

Saw an amazing movie last night "Sing Your Song" (A film by Susanne Rostock) I gave it 4 stars. I Loved the Director Susan Rostock who was there and got to say a few words before and take questions after on the film. She did an amazing job portraying history an emotional, very interesting way. 
Harry Belafonte Sings (© Murray Garrett)
The film is a true documentary of Harry Belefonte, that examines a noteworthy life than a call to action for viewers to emulate Belafonte's example of engaging with the world's problems and searching for solutions no matter how long-range they may be. As an entertainer Belefonte had significant contribution to and his leadership in the civil rights movement in America and to social justice globally. 

These powerful men were young in this film Martin Luther King was in his 20's Wow! We may be young but look what people our age use to do and take a stand for. 

The film catches a man who has spent a lifetime practicing what he preaches and I don't know what could be more INSPIRING then that. What he did in Ethiopia made me cry, it was so amazing and so heartbreaking. After visiting Kenya a few years back it hits down deep I want to go back and I really feel led to help. This film leaves you with the question.

What to do now?

More on the film HERE

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