Friday, January 28, 2011

Sundance Film Festival Day 8

2011 Sundance Film Festival Announces Films in Competition

Kicked off my Sundance Shorts Weekend last night we went and saw Indigenous Shorts Showcase at the Broadway in Salt Lake City. I love shorts they have a more difficult time to in gage the audience and the director has such a short time to tell a story. Amazing what people come up with. I saw five shorts last night three of the five I enjoyed, the other two were a bit dark for my liking. All the Indigenous short films last night seemed to have deep sadness that I found interesting and portrayed intensely.

For those of you who have never seen a shorts Showcase at Sundance it is a collection of short films usually around 5 or so put together in the length of a average film. Shorts are pretty fast paced, I'm sure that is why I love them.

81 Short Films from 21 Countries Selected from a Record 6,467 Submissions
Go 2011!

These are the films we saw last night at the


The Cave / Canada (Director and Screenwriter: Helen Haig-Brown ) - A hunter on horseback accidentally discovers a portal to the afterlife in this fantastical version of a true Tsilhqot'in story.
Choke / Canada (Director and Screenwriter: Michelle Latimer ) - Upon leaving his First Nations reserve, Jimmy encounters the lost souls of the city and is reminded that no matter how far you travel, you cannot escape who you are.
Ebony Society / Aotearoa-New Zealand (Director and Screenwriter: Tammy Davis) - One night out stealing; two boys learn a lesson.
Redemption / Aotearoa-New Zealand (Director: Katie Wolfe; Co-Screenwriters: Tim Balme, Renae Maihi and Katie Wolfe based on the short story by Phil Kawana) - A boy. A girl. A step too far.
The Rocket Boy / USA (Director and Screenwriter: Donavan Seschillie [Navajo Nation]) - A young boy's limitless imagination creates a dilemma between reality and dreams.
Stones / USA (Director and Screenwriter: Ty Sanga [Native Hawaiian]) - Set in the ancient times in the islands of Hawai'i, a forlorn woman living in isolation with her husband meets a child from a nearby village and contemplates whether she should bring her into her mystical world.
Wapawekka / Canada (Director and Screenwriter: Danis Goulet) - A final visit to their isolated cabin in northern Canada reveals the inter-generational rift between Josh and his traditional Cree father.

The Director for Stones and Rocket boy where there as well as the producers and other contributors to the films to do Q & A I always love that makes you feel a deeper connection to the films.

For the last three days of the Film Festivals Calender look HERE

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