Friday, January 28, 2011

Relax Fridays Organic Chocolate Martini Recipe

I made a chocolate martini for my mom's Birthday that was worth sharing, it was Delicious! I bought Thatcher Dark Chocolate Liquor in Monterey, CA that I had to give a try. I love chocolate martinis so this is what I came up with...I mixed Thatchers, vodka with with a touch of organic vanilla. I would have used vanilla vodka but this was so much more organic flavor and more real tasting turned out great. Will be making this again it was like a party in my mouth!

I'm a fan of the Chocolate Thatcher's it was wonderful. I'll have to try the other amazing sounding flavors next time I'm in California. Utah doesn't sell them yet I'll have to email them about this. 

I am a huge fan of using organic flavoring like in Thatcher's. The flavored liquors always scar me the don't even list the ingredients....what is really in them?? (taste super artificial) This Thatcher's Martini I came up with was fabulous right up my alley. Yes... I do drink things other then wine but not much.

Kendra's Organic Chocolate Martini
One part Organic Thatcher's Dark Chocolate Liquor
One part Organic milk or you could used a good drinkable coconut milk it would have worked nicely as well
One part vodka
Small bit of Vanilla
Shook the ingredients and served together with shaved Fair Trade Chocolate


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