We had a Polaroid of each person at the wedding taken and had everybody write to us on a card. We later turned it into an amazing scrapbook that turned out better then expected.

  I married my husband the love of my life in the Sequoia National Forest. Matt and I knew each other for over 10 years before getting married so we kinda know each other real well. He is my best friend and I could not be happier! We were married by grandfather who is a pastor under a breathtaking giant Sequoia cathedral.  My grandpa truly is and has been a real inspiration in my life. For once in my life didn't need any decorations, flowers or get up other than my bouquet of white and green Dendrobium Orchids, it wasn't needed. Nature has truly perfected it's beauty here in these Coastal Sequoia forests, it is my favorite place in this country no doubt!

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