Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Poem

Blue Butterfly Tree

As I am awakened swiftly
From a deep and peaceful sleep
My heart is racing wildly
Like a million little feet.

The panic that I used to feel
Has turned to something new
A feeling of strength and power
That I have somehow learned from you.

You have empowered me
To take a look within
And find the love of a friend
Where fear had always been.

So, now I reach into the dark
And feel the ray of light
From the love a friend sends to me
Shinning bright into the night.

It hurts to know you're hurting
Because you're so special in my heart
The pain that you are feeling
Is tearing me apart

But know that love has a way
Of easing all that's wrong
Together we can make it
If we hold on and just be strong

Know that you're not alone
In all your adversity
For by your side through and through
Is where I'll always be 
-Author Unknown

 Sometimes I just read a poem and it makes perfect sense for how I'm feeling. It is like art for my heart. I am Remembering all those who have left me for a while I will think of them and smile today on this  Memorial day.


Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Kendra - thank you for this. Just beautiful.

miss turquoise * said...

So beautiful...

Koltunovskaya said...

This picture with butterflies is sooo amazing!

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