Thursday, February 10, 2011

Succulent love

Red roses are pretty but can be up to double the price at Valentines day due to the high demand go for a more unique aproach. Treat your sweety to a unique long lasting, easy care succulent this Valentines Day. They can make such an impact in the home. Lots of light, a little water and love is all they need.

Joshua Tree Wedding succulent bouquet
Succulents come in a plethora of colors, sizes, and shapes.

succulent table decor wedding reception bunt cakes for wedding
Such a breathtaking desert wedding via
These great shops via Etsy have an awesome variety this Valentines Day.
 Succulent Designs has wonderful stunning arrangements of succulents to dress up your nest, they have with gorgeous wreaths, handmade planters in varying shapes and sizes.  Oh how succulent they are! Check them out HERE
Order Now for March Delivery The Original Succulent Designs Living Succulent Wreath MEDIUM 12 inch
6 LARGE Echeveria Colorful Succulents, Great For Terrariums, Party Gifts

Handmade succulent party favors
Wine glass succulent guide HERE
These shops all carry great mini sized plants that you could put in a cute pot for an amazing
Party Favor

RESERVED FOR VONART  6 Succulent Terrarium Garden Hanging Glass Globe Orbs

Valentines Heart Succulent Wreath 14" Romantic Gift
Fairyscape has heart shaped wreaths ready for 
Valentines Day 
found HERE 
Beautiful Heart Shape Succulent Wreath Or Centerpiece, February Delivery, Great Valentines Day Gift
 Succulent Galore has a great selection of unique items
Found HERE

Beautiful Square Living Wreath Or Centerpiece, READY FOR DELIVERY

More on succulent care below

Planting and Growing a Succulent Garden

  • Use fast draining soil potting mix when planting in containers.  Like other plants, succulents still need nutrients, so they will not grow well in a mixture made entirely from sand and gravel.  It is best to use a mixture of sand, gravel, and orgainic potting soil.  You can generally buy specially mixed succulent soil/planting mix at your local garden center.  It is worth the money.  Plus, one small bag goes a long ways.
  • I love to purchase succulents online or from local garden centers and I try NOT to support the huge chain garden centers. You will get a much higher quality for just a little more with local garden centers. 
  • Always use containers with drainage holes.  Avoid re-potting succulents too much. 
  • Place your newly designed containers in a sunny area.  Succulents staying indoors for a long period of time should be near a sunny window, away from a direct draft from the air-conditioner or heater. Always keep them in a warm room they don't do well in really cold drafty roooms
  • Water your succulent containers when the soil is dry to the touch not moist.  The amount and timing of water varies by species, location and sunlight.   In general, if the plant starts to look shriveled, it needs water!

Easy Succulents for Container Gardening

  • Aloe (is commonly used for so many wonderful things for your health and body)
  • Echeveria  (commonly known as “hens and chicks”)
  • Euphorbia (crown of thorns)
  • Sedum (tons of varieties)
Succulents come in an array of colors and textures to bring to life any space in your home. Succulents are super popular right now, so you can find mini-succulents at almost every local garden center.. Plant your portable succulent garden, and enjoy the fun indoors!

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