Monday, January 24, 2011

Sundance film "Incendies"

Went and saw Incendies by Director Denis Villeneuve a Spotlight Film last night up at the Screening room at Sundance. It was my mom's first Sundance movie experience. Luckily it was a great movie for her first go at Sundance Film Festival, I thoroughly enjoyed it very powerful film. I don't like to say to much being you still have a couple opportunities to see the film. Indecendies was a French/Arabic with English Subtitles, if I'm enjoying the movie I don't even mind the Subtitles. I have seen several amazing foreign Films up at Sundance this one included. I spoke to a guy from Quebec in line that loves the Director and highly recommended his other films, I will have to check them out.

The Director said after the film that Sony Pictures Classics picked Incendies for distribution in Toronto. Incendies is also the entry for Canada's Oscar Award Foreign Film Category, Very exciting for the film.

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